About Us


In addition to our metal, stainless and electronic productions with 10 years of work experience, we are starting to do outsourcing as part of Zenon Diagnostik under a different company title. Zenon, which have distributors all over the world, has been exporting to many world countries including China, Romania, France, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and Spain for years.


You can find the most suitable craftsmanship for your demands in our wide production center where production is provided by the latest technology.


Trust ZENON MFG experience!


We are happy to support you especially for Welding, Assembly, Laser Cutting, Bending works.

As a leader in the industry since **** ZENON MFG has a wealth of knowledge and experience in everything related to the manufacturing of fantastic products. We’re committed to providing a variety of companies and individuals with quality products and innovations. The industry is constantly changing, so it’s important that keep up with the latest advancements.



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-Wide range of technical engineers, electrical-electronics and industrial engineers

-More than 10 years of experience in medical equipment and technical team working in areas requiring fine workmanship

-Welding –  Argon welding, ozone welding

-Latest Technology Bending Machine

-Technical drawing advantages before production to see the product to be produced

-We test the product with according to the characteristics of the device or equipment and test it before leaving the product.

-Our company has ISO 9001 certificate.

-Once the agreement is reached, social media tools such as Whatsapp can be used to obtain instant information on the production process.

-1600qm closed factory area

-3 storeys building

-Separeted Welding & Montage areas